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About Me

Hello! I’m Christina, massage therapist, mom and green living lover. I’ve used essential oils in my massage practice for some time and noticed a significant difference when I made the switch to Young Living. Their purity and Seed to Seal guarantee is the real deal. Unfortunately, much like the cosmetics industry, there is no regulation on essential oils in this country, so I was thrilled to find a company that is so upstanding in their standards and one I could trust for my family and clients. They’ve been around 25 years and are the ONLY company that owns it’s own farms that you can actually tour! I’ve visited one and can say first hand that their process is legit. I became a Young Living member (24% off retail no strings attached) 3 years ago I’m so happy I did!

Incorporating them in my massage practice as well as my home has been life changing. In December of 2016 my family was super sick and I knew there was a better way to stay healthy rather than pass a cold around continually! Enter Thieves essential oil! How did I not know about this before? I bought the YL “starter kit” and I’m ever so grateful I did: 12 oils, a diffuser and some other goodies included along with an amazing online community to help me learn about the oils and clean living. Those 12 oils were such a good starting place and helped me in all areas from sleep, to wellness, to muscle aches to de-stressing. To this day they are some of my most used oils in my collection.

Through this group I also learned a ton about the lack of regulation in the US regarding our cleaning and beauty products. I learned of “green washing” and how companies that we think are safe, because of their marketing, actually have super harmful chemicals in them! At that time I’d suffered a miscarriage and also had been wanting to make a switch to chemical free living, so it was perfect timing. In, 2017 I ditched and switched my products using Young Living’s Thieves household cleaner, and now DYI all of my household cleaning products. It’s cheap, easy and I’m SAVING money. Everything from floors, to windows, surfaces and bathroom all with this one cleaner that WORKS and is safe. In 2018, I ditched my chemical laden beauty and bathroom products and replaced them with Young Living products as well. They have an amazing Essential Rewards program that made this easy for me and each month I could decide what new products I wanted to ditch and switch, and I was rewarded as well! Many people don’t realize that Young Living started as an essential oil company, but is SO much more and has everything you could need in your home from shampoo to toothpaste, baby and pet products to Savvy Minerals makeup line and the list continues…

I’m happy to have such confidence in all their clean products and oils that I use on my family and clients. I’m inspired to get you started on your wellness journey, whenever you like and at your pace. You can click on “order oils” and begin like I did with the starter kit and I will hold your hand as you learn, or you can simply contact me with questions too! It’s easy, fun and would love to have you join our supportive community and answer any questions you might have.

My Favorite Oil

Right now? Valor. It’s grounding, helps with sleep, calming and reminds me to take a breath.

First Oil Success

I use a “wellness” roller on the bottom of my son’s feet before school each morning. It’s a blend of thieves, purification, lemon, frankincense, oregano and a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) He rarely gets ill and when he does I find that it’s short lived. Happy to have this extra tool when being around those preschool germs! 🙂

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