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Vista, CA

About Me

I’m a momma to an oil loving toddler and a wife to a former Marine. We live in beautiful sunny southern California, but have roots in Portland, Oregon. I have degrees in Human Services and Psychology. I am a big Do-it-Yourselfer and find crafting to be fun and therapeutic. Incorporating oils into my homemade personal products, like beauty serums, lotions, and vapor rubs, have been one of my favorite uses for the oils. I enjoy thinking out of the box and am passionate about helping people do the same. I hope that along my life’s journey I am able make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Homemade Personal Products

When my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to focus on approaching my family’s health in a more naturalistic way. Like many new moms, I felt the need to protect my daughter from all of life’s toxicities. My Hypnobirthing instructor introduced me to the idea of using essential oils to support wellness. While I didn’t jump on the oily train immediately, I knew it was something I was very interested in learning more about. So, I did my own research. I checked out the oils sold in health food stores. They seemed affordable, but beyond the price tag, I didn’t know much about the quality and purity of the oils. That made me nervous.

“I wanted to know that what I was going to be using on my family was pure and unadulterated.”

During my research, I learned about the Seed to Seal Guarantee. It’s something NONE of the other oil companies had and it was exactly what I was looking for. Being aware of how pure the oils are, where the oils are coming from and how they are processed is information that is hard to come by with other oil companies. Young Living, on the other hand, owns their farms and distills their own oils. They also work closely with partner and co-op farms to make sure the oils that are brought to the consumers are above and beyond organic. Young Living also opens up their farms, which are located all over the world, to the public so that we can see first hand the quality of the product that we are getting.

After much extensive research of many different brands of essential oils (on both ends of the price spectrum), I made the decision to invest in Young Living’s Starter kit. The pure quality of the oils and the Seed to Seal Guarantee are just two of the reasons (more reasons here) that made this company more authentic to me. My amazing journey with the oils began in July of 2014 and I have not felt the need to walk down the medicine aisle since.

Have you been searching for this too?

Learn more about what the Seed to Seal guarantee really means and see why it was an important factor in my decision to choose Young Living.

My Favorite Oil

Deep Relief Roll-on While there are quite a few oils that I cannot live without, the one oil blend that you will always find in my purse is Deep Relief. This refreshing minty blend has pulled through for me in so many ways. It has helped ease my discomfort when I feel pressure building up in my head. I’ve rubbed it on my stomach when it has gotten angry with me for eating too much food. That time I got an unexpected bug bite? I’d roll Deep Relief on the bite so the cool mintiness can help distract me from scratching it. My husband will even dab some on his nose for the times that he forgets his sneezy oils. Deep Relief is my favorite oil blend because it has surprised me by being more versatile in its uses than I ever expected it to be.

First Oil Success

While I have had countless successes with the oils, my favorite ones have to be the successes I have had with my bedtime oils. My first experience with Ylang-ylang essential oil was like breathing in a glass of wine. I would diffuse it before bed and would find myself completely drunken with sleepiness. Trying to fight off the feeling was in vain. The aroma made my eyes feel so heavy. Before I knew it, I would be conked out. I would wake up the next morning wondering what the heck had happened. I am normally a very light sleeper, but that Ylang-ylang and a few other of those relaxing oils always gets me sleeping so good!

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