Kelly Williams



Cincinnati, OH

About Me

I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised, who left a piece of her heart on the west coast. My husband’s name is Seth and he’s one of the best parts of my life story. We met at Miami University and he captured my heart after school through his hot pursuit and beautiful letter writing. We’ll celebrate our 12-year-anniversary this fall. Together, we have three amazing kiddos, plus one on the way. Our daughter Story Rae is 5-and-a-half and she keeps us on our toes with her wide-mouth, squinty-eyed grins and frequent questions. Our son River Bennett is 3-and-a-half and his belly laughs and quirky habits are enough to make your heart melt. Our youngest son Wilder Seth is 18-months-old and he loves saying the word “waffle” and showing off his tiny dimple.

My oily journey began when I was searching for a natural alternative to help with the severe postpartum mood issues I was having after the birth of Story. I wanted something natural because we knew we wanted to have our kiddos close in age, and as we began trying for baby #2 it was imperative that I find something that I could take/use while pregnant and nursing that wouldn’t have a negative effect on my baby. Insert Young Living. My lovely friend Marlo was posting amazing testimonials on social media about the effectiveness of essential oils, and I was sold immediately. I dove right in, and I’ve never looked back.

My Favorite Oil

Without a doubt, it’s Thieves. A couple of winters ago, Story got croup, both River and I caught some sort of cold virus, and I bit the inside of my mouth hard resulting in the largest canker sore of my life. Hello, Thieves. I used the cleaner to disinfect EVERYTHING, especially all of the toys and surfaces that Story was continually coughing/snotting/drooling on. I used the spray on the stuffed animals that I didn’t run through the washer, and also on the back of my sore throat. I diffused Thieves essential oil throughout our house and in Story’s room, and applied it (diluted) topically to her feet. I applied it neat to my canker sore (which hurt like a beast) but aided in its quick healing. And now whenever we’re out in public and Story is in childcare, I use the hand purifier on her as soon as we pick her up. As a mama, it’s difficult to see your kiddos sick – and it’s even worse when you’re sick yourself at the same time! I’m thankful that I was able to use Thieves to kill germs naturally.

First Oil Success

Sleep is often hard to come by as a mama – especially as a prego mama of multiple littles! The first night I used Lavender oil neat on my wrists, I slept better than I had in a long time! Fast forward years later, and I still don’t go to bed without it!

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