Marlo Bontempo



Carlsbad, CA

About Me

Marlo discovered Young Living oils in November 2013 when her friend Stacie was posting about how Thieves had kept her family well for 5 years, and how this therapeutic-grade Lavender was helping her toddler daughter recover from a nap strike. She had never used essential oils before and didn’t know anything about them but didn’t hesitate to give them a go. What did she have to lose? After Thieves and Purification worked so well to keep her and her family healthy over a stressful holiday season, she bought her Premium Starter Kit and never looked back. Little did she know it would turn out to be the best money she ever spent. She researched oils day and night and was astonished to learn all the things she didn’t know about the most effective natural remedies on earth. She knew that keeping this new found information to herself was negligent, so she began giving out oils to everybody who would try them. When she’s not sharing oils with the world, you can find her redesigning somebody’s kitchen.

My Favorite Oil

Copaiba. Co-pah-EE-buh. Not only does it have a weird and adorable name like her, it’s also a pretty spectacular oil with a slew of research behind it. Marlo combines it with Lemongrass and it immediately soothes her tense shoulders and hands sore from too many hours scrolling design feeds on Instagram. She’s pretty excited her favorite oil comes in the kit now.

First Oil Success

Thieves was the first oil she tried, and one she still uses daily to keep her immune system strong. It has converted many-a-non-believer with its cinnamon-y scent and near-magical powers. A drop in some tea with honey and Lemon oil is a delicious way to stay healthy during the colder months.

Have you tried essential oils? Shoot Marlo a message and she’ll answer all your questions. Ready for your kit? Click “Order Oils” below her picture and let’s get this party started!

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