Rachel K. Lincoln



San Diego, CA

About Me

My name is Rachel and I am mommy to two sweet little girls (my sugar & my spice), a daughter to the best parents in the world, and hard working girl-boss in both my day job and my play job.

My journey to clean living started years ago when I was dianosed with Sarcoma cancer and I was forced to look for some significant life changes to give myself and my family a healthier lifestyle.

I was introduced to oils through many friends and family, and quickly found that I was able to use them as natural solutions to my everyday problems! From cleaning without synthetic chemicals, to immunity support without toxins, to pure high quality products to put in and on our bodies, oils were a natural extension of my journey.

Now, as I celebrate 6 years cancer free, I see my oils making a difference in our everyday. I can’t wait to share them with you!

My Favorite Oil

My favorite oil is JOY! I wear it everyday on my wrists and went through an entire bottle in one week diffusing it around my house. Must have been a rough week but I was smiling because of my JOY! 😉

First Oil Success

I had my PSK (oil starter kit) about 7 months before my “ah-ha” moment happened. I was having trouble with sleep, so I started diffusing Cedarwood and lavender every night for 2 weeks. Not only did I drift away so fast, but the quality of my sleep was amazing! I immediately knew I could never live without my oils again.

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