Sara Russell



Denver, CO

About Me

Hi! I am Sara, owner of intraMuse Creative; Music Advocate & Hockey Enthusiast; Mamarazzi. I just began my oil journey in early 2015 after hearing the positive effects they have had in the lives of friends. I am on a personal journey to use as many natural products as possible and have greatly enjoyed using my oils to create amazing home made goodies like chapstick, lotion, deodorant, body scrub, bath soaks, dry shampoo and even household cleansers. I love learning how to incorporate my oils into my everyday life and sharing all the ways they’ve helped me, with others.

My Favorite Oil

Ohhh this is a tough one, but my favorite oil is Ylang Ylang. It has a very unique fragrance and supports overall balance and well-being, bringing back a sense of calm and strength.

First Oil Success

I fell in love with my oils within about a month or so of purchasing my first kit (yes, I’ve bought more than one- who can pass up such a deal?!?). Aside from diffusing, I immediately began mixing my favorites into home made goodies. Living in a drier climate I knew I wanted to incorporate oils into home made goodies that would nourish my skin, so first up was chapstick and second body butter. I was amazed at how easy both were to make and loved the results. I have frequent requests for my chapstick and it is something I make on a regular basis.

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Hello Essentials is a secret Facebook group with thousands of people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, click the "EMAIL" button below my headshot to request an invitation to the group. See you there!

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