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Crystal River, FL

About Me

Hey ya’ll! I’m Amanda, small town girl.. lived in the same town my whole life. Parents grew up here too. My whole family is here and I ain’t ever leaving. Big cities scare me; I get anxiety attacks on the “big roads” aka the interstate. Huge crowds freak me out. Heck, I still panic if I cant find my own darn Momma in Wal-Mart! ha!! I’m a mess, which inevitably my kids are hot messes also, but cute. Oh yeah, my kids. I’m a mom of 2, boy and a girl. Best of both worlds!! …on a good day. I have the attention span of a goldfish and energy of a race horse. Go ahead, picture it, I know you are ? A while back I remember chit-chatting with my mom. I was stuck, I just didn’t know who I was anymore. I didn’t know where I was suppose to be in life at the time. I work a good job, have a beautiful home and my kids are happy and healthy. So why was I feeling like something was missing. What wasn’t I getting right? Then it dawned on me. If you have children, you no longer think of your interests anymore. It’s all about the kids. Sports, appointments, playdates, visiting family, cleaning up, bath time, homework, laundry, dinner.. wait– “ya’ll are getting raviolis tonight.” Becoming a mom, is the greatest experience in the whole world. But in that transition, we tend to lose ourselves. So, that’s where I was. I couldn’t remember my hobbies anymore. If someone were to ask me what I do for fun, I’d tell them- stay up late watching Netflix eating the biggest sundae I could create with all the chocolate I hid in the house. That is the real deal ya’ll. I heard about Young Living Essential Oils a few years ago and loved hearing and watching what these oils could do for people but, I was the biggest skeptic. There was no way I even thought Id have time to do anything– even though I always thought it would be pretty cool to make my own cleaning supplies and lotions and what-nots. Recently, you could say I fell into the world of oils. Probably from stress.. but I had gotten this huge horrendous zit on my face and was mortified!! I literally googled everything I possibly could to get this thing off my face. I came across an article about essential oils. The uses for them, the benefits of them for not only my friend on my face but for my kids, my house, my pets, my grumpy boyfriend and TADA…. MY world was changed!! I put that stuff on my face, I put it in my mop water, I put it on my dogs.. heck I probably would of drank it. This stuff had super powers!! (and no y’all.. you can’t just go drinking oils) I was convinced and I took a leap of faith; I joined the oily side! You guys, I was finally doing something right! I figured it out. I found something that I really like, that worked, that had endless possibilities. Something that could benefit my family and our well-being. ANNDDD it opened my eyes and made me realize, I wasn’t the only crazy momma out there looking for a hobby to pass the time but still make it about the kids and family! Now, I’m that crazy oily mom always saying, “I bet there is an oil for that!” Its insane to think that these little bottles hold so many possibilities!! I love Essential Oils, everyone should! and well if your a skeptic like I was, “there’s an oil for that.” just wait.. you’ll see ?

My Favorite Oil

Oh goodness.. favorite oil?! This must be a trick question. How in the world are ya suppose to pick just one!? Insanity ? ..butttt, if I really have to it would be Purification! As a mom, cleaning is just my thing. You can honestly use Purification for everything!! You can apply it break outs, disinfect the kids scrapes and scratches, freshen your laundry, diffuse it to get your house all smelling clean and pure AND it’s super uplifting for your senses!

First Oil Success

My first personal success with oils was definitely my zit zapper experience but, it just kept getting better! Our winter this year was very warm so once spring rolled around we had gotten fleas everywhere. I read you could put some tea tree oil in your mop water and the fleas would pretty much run away. IT WORKED! Ran the fleas off and killed all of the nests remaining. Completely pest free! My first family success was after a day or two of diffusing through the house, I started to notice a change in my family! the kids were being sweethearts, my man dime wasn’t so grumpy and I was feeling positive. Coincidence or not, I’m sticking with “its the oils” and not looking back ?

Join Me In Hello Essentials

Hello Essentials is a secret Facebook group with thousands of people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, send me a Facebook message or click the "EMAIL" button below my headshot to request an invitation to the group. See you there!

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