Ashley Cook



Portsmouth, VA

About Me

I was born in the farmlands of Illinois, but also born with an instinctual love of salt water! I met my amazing husband during college and we were married before we had graduated. After graduation he joined the Navy and so far that has brought us to live in South Carolina, south Georgia, and Virginia. We have two children, one girl and one boy, two dogs, and a fish!
My mother in law introduced me to essential oils shortly after my husband and I began dating. I can honestly say I never thought it would be something for me, but alas, six years later I decided to dive into Young Living by purchasing my own Premium Starter Kit and have never looked back!
Before starting my own oily journey I made sure to research as many companies as possible to know that I was bringing only the purest possible oils into our home to use on my family. Young Living’s Seed to Seal process is what sealed me in to deciding they are the best and only company we will be using!

My Favorite Oil

White Angelica! It’s a blend of 10 different oils that deal with Emotional Balance. I’m typically an emotional rollercoaster on a daily basis, but when using White Angelica in my diffuser jewelry or in my actual diffuser (combined with Valor is amazing!) it just completely balances me out and makes everyone who has to deal with me much happier. Close seconds include RuTuVala, Dream Catcher, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Light the Fire.

First Oil Success

The day my kit came I threw Lavender into my diffuser and ended up waking the next day feeling well rested, which had hardly ever happened before introducing oils into my life!

Join Me In Hello Essentials

Hello Essentials is a secret Facebook group with thousands of people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, send me a Facebook message or click the "EMAIL" button below my headshot to request an invitation to the group. See you there!

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