Carmen Cooper



Mission Viejo, CA

About Me

It’s kinda funny how I got into using Young Living’s Essential Oils. A couple friends had been sharing their experiences on Facebook, and while they were intriguing I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of using oils. I wanted to support them in their endeavors, but I kept finding excuses not to follow through (cost, how will I know how to use them etc). One day, one of my closest friends spelled it out for me. She said, “Carm, you are seriously missing out. Let me give you samples, you can order your kit, and I will hold your hand and walk you through it all. I promise this will work” And it did!

And here you are after you have probably seen my posts on Facebook or Instagram or maybe we just met and you are checking me out. I can tell you that I’m a native NYer, now living in Orange Coutny, a Mom of 3 awesome & vivacious kid…seriously never a dull moment! I’ve been with my husband for over 20 years, yes, really that long! I’ve been using and sharing my love of Young Living for almost 3 years now and I have totally immersed myself into the wellness world of oils and soaking it all in like a sponge. At first it was a little confusing and overwhelming, but I was instantly connected with other YL oil users through our team’s incredible education groups (there are a few to choose from), and it made things “more real” to see how other people, mostly Moms like me, were using their oils and plant based, toxin free products to take care of their families.

So anyways, here I am…Just a girl who loves her Young Living Essential Oils & products that help me & my family stay above the wellness line in many ways! I’m open to sharing and educating anyone who is open to learning more about essential oils. I’m here when you are ready to start your journey with Young Living’s Essential Oils and I will support you through it all with resources and practical, easy to use information.
I look forward to connecting with you <3

My Favorite Oil

I love many oils for many reasons but I have to say that Stress Away is my favorite oil. I find it comforting, relaxing and reliable if that makes sense. I can count on it to make me feel better, more level headed…less stressed. I love the way it smells, it has a mix of lavender, copaiba, lime, cedarwood, ocotea and vanilla! Slightly sweet and refreshing, almost tropical! I have gone through many bottles and keep several stashed around my house and in my purse! I also use this oil on my girls, especially my oldest. She tends to worry and become anxious in certain situations, and will ask for it without me even offering it. Luckily, Stress Away is included in the Premium Starter Kit so that every can try a little drop of heaven.

First Oil Success

My first oil success was using Lavender and Cedarwood for sleep! My friend made me a roller that was premixed and diluted for my children, and after rolling it on their feet and wrists their bedtime went so smoothly. They were asleep so quickly, with no crying, no whining, no getting out of bed ten times. My husband and I were constantly checking on them and in disbelief about it, but it became evident after a few uses that it was the oils helping them to relax and ease into falling asleep. We now use a diffuser in each room and rotate several oils to support a full nights rest. My husband also travels a lot for work and now he has his own set of oils he takes with him to help support a clear focused mind, restful sleep and leave the germs on the road!

I also continue to find successes in essential oils as I scan myself and my family members with the Itovi scanner I invested in. The iTovi scanner is so cool! It has amazing technology that identifies oils and products we may need to support various nutrient levels. I offer complimentary scans for my local customers. For more information about the iTovi scanner please visit www.itovi.com and contact me to set up your individual consultation.

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