Elizabeth Wingfield



Raleigh, NC

About Me

I’m Elizabeth, and I”m an oil enthusiast! I started searching for natural, non-toxic options for my body and environment after a breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy in 2015. I wanted things to substitute for unnecessary chemicals, and things that could support my body to be as strong and healthy as it could possibly be. Changes have been made. I eat as much organic food as budget allows. I eat more veggies, not as much sugar, drink more water. We’ve given fast food and GMO’s the boot. I say no to things that stress me out. I had a “zero” genetic probability for getting cancer, so I pay a lot more attention to what goes on my skin and body. Organic is important, and a “Seed to Seal” guarantee, even more important. Everything I use now needs to add benefit. A friend introduced me to Young Living, and it was love at first sniff. I’ve had a highly developed sense of smell my entire life, including a form of synesthesia. The universe bonked me on the head one day and asked why I was not using one of my very best attributes to improve my life. Literally, the answers came up my nose!

I’ve come to know now that Young Living is much more than a “pretty smell” company. I’m transitioning over to a cleaner lifestyle in all areas. My circumstances have made me a “label reader”, and I want products and a way of life for myself, family and furbabies that are better quality than what is available maninstream. Putting myself at risk is no longer acceptable. I am actively choosing a State of Wellness, and a big part of that is Essential Oils. The ongoing learning and support I receive from this company on my journey to take better care of myself is invaluable and fascinating. I’m worth it, and so are you. You DO have options! If I can help you discover them, please let me know. I’m looking forward to working with you.

My Favorite Oil

Lemongrass! Not only does it smell heavenly (mix with Joy, OMG), but it has turned out to be the most versatile oil I have with uses ranging from health support, to being a cleaning and beauty secret weapon. Plus it’s an unbelievable bargain at $12 for a huge bottle. I stockpile this and have vowed never, ever to run out again.

First Oil Success

I’d love to be able tell you all the things I use them for. I can tell you that my bag of tricks for dealing with my various needs is a whole lot bigger, and I feel better. I use oils every day. I call tell you that you have options for supporting your own body and improving your environment, no matter what your concerns are. You just need to be willing to do your own research and try things responsibly. Once you start to understand the underlying reasons for things going on with your own body, you can address them at the root, rather than looking at just the symptoms. For me, this is a better way to live. I love the empowerment I feel from understanding my own body and being able to help it when it needs support. Options are a must!

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