Jennifer Laz



Encinitas, CA

About Me

I’ve spent the last 17 years in the skincare and beauty industry and now own a holistic skincare spa. I started practicing aromatherapy as a young esthetician, after returning from Paris where I was completely inspired by their use of therapeutic essential oils in everyday life. I was recently re-introduced to Young Living essential oils and reminded of how powerful and truly therapeutic they are. I now use them daily in both the spa and at home and have had such great success with them!

My Favorite Oil

Thieves!! This blend is truly amazing. Germ fighter, air purifier, immune booster…you name it, thieves can do it! I diffuse this in the spa and at home. It’s so lovely by itself, but is also wonderful with orange or lavender too.

First Oil Success

My 2 year old was never a great nap-taker. She would often fight off sleep and wake after very short naps. I used lavender essential oil on her feet before nap time and diffused it along with peace and calming in her nursery and she slept for more than 2 hours straight!! Now, it’s part of our daily and nightly routine.

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