Jenna Williams



Phoenix, AZ

About Me

When I was pregnant with my little girl I became more aware of the quality of products I put on and in my body. Before long I started changing the household cleaning and beauty products I was using. After doing my own research I found that even though some products were labeled as “natural” or “Green” they still had questionable ingredients.

I purchased oils from stores in the past. I would wear them as a perfume or put them on my diffuser bracelet but that’s about it. I quickly learned that even though my oil bottles stated “organic” they were not as chemical free as you’d think and they were diluted.

A friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils by giving me a sample bottle after I told her about my issues with my back. She suggested the premium starter kit with diffuser because that is the best and least expensive way to get started. I was excited to receive my kit that had my beloved bottle of Panaway. To my surprise it had so much more than I could have ever imagined. 10 more oils were in the kit and changed my life! I’m mixing them, diffusing them and applying topically. I’m making my own skin, hair, nails, and cleaning products. I’m even ingesting them (vitality labeled oils)!! The best part is that I have found a company that offers uncompromised premium therapeutic grade essential oils with a seed to seal promise!

My Favorite Oil

It is hard to choose just one oil but I’d say Frankincense is fabulous! I love to diffuse it during meditation for grounding and during yoga for purpose. I add a drop to my moisturizer for added nourishment and apply under my eyes for dark circles. Frankincense and Lavender go together like peas and carrots and will become your beauty secret!

First Oil Success

I instantly fell in love with my oils. One smell of the oil “Stress Away” and I was hooked. I love using Panaway on my back and shoulders. I cancelled my membership at Massage Envy! Stress is known to make Psoriasis symptoms worse. Young Living oils helps to reduce my stress while diffusing them and support my skin when applied topically.

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