Karyl M. Palmer



San Diego, CA

About Me

Hi Everyone, I’m Karyl (pronounced Kuh-rill). I’ve tried some natural remedies in the past for various things, but I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils. They were never on my radar until my dear friend Kris introduced them to me. I was definitely a skeptic before I tried them, but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with these magic little bottles of oils. I really had no idea that essential oils could do so many things! Now I can’t imagine my life without them!

My Favorite Oil

I have so many favorites that it’s too hard to choose! However, the one oil I can’t be without is Lavender. There are just so many uses for it. It truly is an amazing essential oil! The first time I ever ran out without having a backup bottle I knew it would definitely be the last time that would happen.

First Oil Success

Despite being told I was perfectly “healthy,” I was searching high and low for gastrointestinal system comfort, especially to ease the occasional gas and bloating after meals. I also could not find anything good at supporting a full night’s rest. I wanted to feel great all the time and was determined to find something that was going to work for me! Then I remembered Kris and her love for essential oils. I figured I had nothing to lose so I took the plunge, ordered my starter kit (which came with 11 oils, several of which support digestion and sleep), and also made sure to add Di-Gize to my first order (a dietary supplement that provides valuable aid for digestive concerns).

When my kit finally came I smelled all my oils and came up with a game plan. I decided to diffuse lavender and stress away that night, put lavender on my toes, and stress away on my wrists and behind my ears. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was hopeful. I absolutely couldn’t believe what happened next… I slept through the whole night! I was astounded! I had been tossing and turning and could not find anything to get me back to sleep once I would wake up and my mind chatter settled in. If I’m being honest, that morning after an amazing night’s sleep was the moment I fell in love with these oils. And it didn’t stop there!

The morning came and it was time to try a full day with DiGize. I couldn’t wait to see what this bottle of oil could do for me. I felt like the area around my belly would sometimes grow 3 inches, even after a very healthy meal. The feeling would never fully subside between meals so I felt like I needed an endless supply of maxi skirts with an elastic waistline! Anyone who has ever had to unbutton after a meal knows this feeling is an uncomfortable one. I was limited in the types of supplements I could use as I am allergic to many of the mainstream products. In comes DiGize and Peppermint to the rescue! I used DiGize internally in the morning, and DiGize and Peppermint topically over my belly after my meals throughout the day. I felt great after just one day! I still feel my abdomen balancing out. Bye-bye elastic skirts! Well, bye-bye to being forced to wear them when I don’t want to because, let’s be real, those puppies are cute and comfortable! Yup, I was totally sold on essential oils. There was no turning back! I just couldn’t wait to see what long term use could do and how I could incorporate other oils into my life.

So that’s how my oily journey began, and I’m so happy to be on it!

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