Marcie Howard



Hope, ME

About Me

Marcie has been a teacher of many things from skiing in Switzerland to 2nd grade in Maine. She started teaching about essential oils 3 years ago after realizing their amazing healing powers. She is currently becoming certified in Aromatic Medicine. Using essential oils has completely transformed Marcie’s household and family of 5 who uses them for everything from sore muscles to sniffles and tummy troubles to yoga and making her own detergent. She is very excited to share with you many of the ways they can be used in your everyday life.

My Favorite Oil

Peppermint (even though it pains me to say so because everyone knows about peppermint oil) because it does soooo many things! Sore muscles, heads and hiccups, to clear congestion in a bath soak, flavor smoothies, chocolates and hot chocolate, on bee stings, in lip balm and so.much.more!

First Oil Success

Our family doesn’t have any major health issues but use the oils daily for so many things! So, there have been soooo many small victories with the oils which is why I love them so much!

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Hello Essentials is a secret Facebook group with thousands of people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, click the "EMAIL" button below my headshot to request an invitation to the group. See you there!

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