Nadine Blom



Melkbosstrand, WC

About Me

Nadine Blom a multi award winning performing artist, author and keynote speaker. She is also a well established television personality and recognised for her tenacity, passion and ability to influence and empower. She is a baklava fanatic, entrepeneur and her favourite role is the one of being a mom to her teen son, whom she has written and published two youth fiction novels. Her life motto is “Let the journey from the cradle to the grave be an interesting one!” She believes that healing the natural way is the key to a healthy life.

My Favorite Oil

Thieves & Lemon : My Thieves oil is a life saver. Due to regular air travelling and touring, I am constantly exposed to germs and bacteria, I have not been ill once since I started using thieves. I also learnt that a drop of Lemon oil under my tongue energizes me like nothing else can.

First Oil Success

I fell extremely ill after returning from overseas with Laryngitis. Nothing helped and I was extremely stressed as I had a performance coming up. Kristina Foster came for a house visit and brought me her diffuser and a mini kit with RC, Peppermint, Lemon and Thieves. She also mixed a rollerball for me with Lavender, Mint and Lemon. In 24 hours I could sing again and my throat was completely healed. I was stunned by the speed at which I regained my full health and realized that Young Living was the natural way of living that I have been looking for.

ps: I also can not live without my Thieves and Lemon tea, I am a fan for life.

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