Suzanne Dascher



Staten Island, NY

About Me

I live in Staten Island, NY with my husband, 3 active sons and a dog (he’s a boy too! I’m totally outnumbered!) I am a dancer, dance instructor and choreographer teaching children through adults, taxi driver to my kids, basketball mom, crochet girl, and oil lover!

I first became curious about essential oils because I was looking for a natural way to help my very active 7 year old stay focused in school. I was guided by a rekindled relationship with a childhood friend. My thought process was if they work…SCORE! However, if they didn’t work there would be no harm since it was all natural, no nasty chemicals in his little body and he would smell awesome! It did work! I have since started using oils for just about everything from cleaning the house, helping my family with everything from seasonal allergies to sore muscles, to my own beauty routine.

I was never one to take or give my children medications for anything unless absolutely necessary. I always wanted to let the body do what it needed to do on it’s own if I could. I am so happy to have found Young Living Essential Oils so that I can help my family and others and know that it is 100% pure and natural! I am amazed by the support and education that is available to everyone.

My Favorite Oil

I love the comforting smell of Frankincense! It is a wonderful oil to lift you up and for spiritual focus, great for prayer and meditation. I also use it in my beauty routine for fabulous skin!

First Oil Success

I fell in love with my oils the moment I got my Premium Starter Kit. At first, I thought I would only use a few oils from the many I received. Wrong! I use every single one. I began to diffuse some lavender and cedarwood the day my kit arrived and my choatic house of boys began to settle down for the evening without me saying again and again “Calm down guys, it’s getting late”. Mommy’s new best friends!

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