Suzanne Lockyer Lawriw



San Diego, CA

About Me

I’m a passionate and not-so-perfect “Work At Home Mom” to three sweet and spirited girls – Genevieve (6), Klara (3) and Madelyn (3mos!). I was raised in a natural-minded family who embraced a healthy lifestyle before it was “cool.” I remember being envious of other kids with “fun” cereal and “regular” peanut butter, as we shopped at the only health food store in town. Now, I treasure those early lessons and continue to value whole foods and healing through natural living as I raise my children and care for myself and my family.

Before finding my passion for learning, using and educating others about essential oils, I went through many professions and fields that have shaped me into who I am today. I am proud to be a Veteran after serving in the US Army Signal Corps. I experienced the rise and fall of the dot-com, working in the technology industry. I followed my passion for science and biology in my career at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals by consulting with healthcare practitioners and educating on new medications. I value leadership, personal service, and the quest for knowledge and discovery.

I discovered the healing power of Essential Oils as a new mom caring for her sick child. I felt helpless in relieving symptoms since most over-the-counter medications could not be given to babies or toddlers, and I also doubted their ability to truly “help.” A friend shared with me the “Thieves” legend of immunity and explained how EOs are used to heal and relieve symptoms when our littlest loves are not feeling their best. I was amazed and felt so empowered that I could help them feel better! I decided then and there I must share these tools and help other moms like me.

My Favorite Oil

Can I be selfish for a minute? My favorite oil is for ME! Joy!

It is a lovely blend that brings oils together to create a sense of joy, happiness, bliss and even romance. I can be moody from time to time (can’t we all?) and when I apply this beauty over my heart, or diffuse it in the air, I feel almost instantly happy again. It’s truly magical.

In “mom mode” I’ve been known to use it to diffuse (pun intended!) arguments and tantrums.

Since I always get asked this question, here are my “Top 5 *must have* oils.”


I can’t wait to help you discover your favorite!

First Oil Success

One of my best oil moments, if I must choose only one, was probably when I was weaning my 2 yo, Klara. She continued to wake up often during the night, wanting “milkies” and I was just as tired as when I was still breastfeeding! I researched and tried a few different oils for sleep, then finally discovered RutaVaLa. I began diffusing it at bedtime and into the night with Cedarwood and Lavender, and my 2 yo slept through the night for the first time! She continued to STTN while I diffused, but at one point I did think, “oh maybe it’s not really the oils.” Well, I was out of RutaVaLa for about a week, and let me tell you, she (and me!) did not sleep as well! Never again will I run out of my precious STTN oil, RutaVaLa.

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