Deborah Gouty



Oxford, PA

About Me

I started with Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils in June of 2016 after researching what are essential oils. I had no idea. My niece introduced me knowing that I had many health issues for some time. When God closes one door He opens another. For me it has been the world of essential oils. Through my research I had been using products that cause many health issues such as; respiratory issues, endocrine disruptions, lethargic, unexplained pain, etc. The products I used to clean my home, cloths, and self may have attributed to many of my health issues. I started gradually clearing out the chemicals in my home starting first with the air fresheners, candles and dryer sheets. There are hidden chemicals in Fragrances that do not have to be declared. Even if it is unscented there is another chemical to hide the scent. I found essential oils are a better way to take care of my home, my family and myself. I use the Thieves line to take care of my home and family. We drink NingXia Red daily for healthy and wellness. We take many of the supplements that are infused with essential oils to support target health systems in our bodies to help us live above the wellness line. Our cat Kai even love the oily goodies that are infused with ginger and he loves the smell of lavender coming from the diffuser. It is funny to see. For us there is no turning back. I am so glad that God opened this door for us. With the changes that have taken place in our home and in our health, I want to share with others how they can make the change too. You wouldn’t think such powerful changes would come out of a little bottle but it does.

There are so many ways to oil. The three main ways to get oils into your system is to diffuse or inhale for aromatic, topically directly on your skin or added with a carrier oil and internally as dietary supplement adding to your food or drink for health and wellness. Always read the label: Citrus oil can cause skin photo sensitivity and sunlight should be avoid 8 to 12 hours after applying essential oils. Oils labeled Vitality are for adding to your favorite foods or as a dietary supplement in your drink. Essential Oils are also a natural way to keep your home clean and free from toxin and chemicals. There is an overall health and wellness using Essential Oils for you, your family and your home. Young Living has many natural plant based oils to choose from or you many choose their popular blends or oil infused products for a particular use or need you desire. I am on a journey. I have not tried all of Young Living Products and Essential Oils. Many are on my wish list. I am on a road to learning and you are welcomed to join me. “Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance” Proverbs 1:5, NIV.

My Favorite Oil

My favorite oil is Frankincense. I love the smell. It was one of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus from the magi. Frankincense may support seven body systems. I diffuse Frankincense along with Lavender and/or Rosemary for meditation and grounding. I use it in my homemade magic cream/butter for the muscular & skeletal system. I add Frankincense Vitality to my NingXia Red and/or put it in a vegetable capsule along with two other oils to support some of my body systems to function on a higher level. It is an ingredient in Slique tea that I drink daily and Slique gum I chew to curb my appetite. It supports healthy looking skin by adding it to my moisturizer. There are so many uses for a gift that was present to the King.

First Oil Success

I fell in love with my Premium Starter Kit right away. I started diffusing the same day I received my kit. I am a believer in the natural and these oils and oil infused supplements support many of my body systems that I have had issues with for many years. They have brought some relief to my body, helping me to live above the wellness line. This is not a cure nor am in the medical field. It has been through research, and my own testing of combinations and guidance from Holy Spirit as well as other educated oilers that has helped me. What works for one may work differently for another. I can testify to how these oils have helped me in my daily living along with prayer and dependence on the Mighty God who gave us the gift of plants. I have lost over 55 pound with the NingXia Red antioxidant powerful super drink and Slique suggested program and natural essential infused supplements. I am really blessed that my niece introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils that I want to share these precious drops with others too. It is not something we should keep to ourselves. It should be available to everyone so they too can live a life in health and wellness with purpose and abundance moving towards freedom.

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