What are Essential Oils?

What are Essential Oils?

So much more than something that makes your room smell good.


Essential oils aren’t just something that makes the room smell good. Most people have no idea that essential oils can help bring balance back into the body. We certainly didn’t before we started using Young Living oils. Essential oils have been used to support healing for centuries. People have been using plants as medicine since the beginning of time!

So, what ARE essential oils? Essential oils are the living fluid inside the plant that acts as their immune system. These plant fluids are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of plants. They are necessary for the plant to live and contain vibrational energy that helps to give them therapeutic properties. When these fluids are distilled and extracted using a highly regulated, low-heat, slow-steam process and then used topically, aromatically or internally, they can help bring that vibrational energetic level that is lacking in our bodies back into balance. Essential oils are composed of microscopic molecules that are able to penetrate into the DNA/cellular level of every cell in our body (even crossing the blood-brain barrier) and can help to support our body’s natural healing systems.

Pretty cool, right?

BUT – be warned! Not all essential oils are created equal. Many of us started out by using health food store essential oils thinking that there wasn’t any difference. Oils found at the health food store are usually aromatic-grade oils meant for smelling, not for topical use and definitely not for internal use. Many store bought oils contain additives or synthetics or may have been distilled in a way that doesn’t guarantee a high quality of therapeutic constituents. That’s why it is so important to know where your oils come from, how they are distilled and how they are processed. You definitely get what you pay for. Truly pure & natural quality essential oils do cost more. Cheaper essential oil products that are legally labeled as “100% Pure” are actually only required to have 5% of the essential oil present in their product. When you consider that it takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make a 5mL bottle of Rose oil, you can start to understand why the real thing costs more.

This is why Hello Essentials members chose Young Living Essential Oils. They have a Seed to Seal guarantee that ensures that from the dirt (no pesticide residue) to the seed (no GMOs) to the harvest time and procedure (sometimes in the daytime, sometimes at night, sometimes by hand/tool/machine) to the distillation process (slow steam, low heat, one distillation, medical grade stainless steel machinery) to the multitude of testing to ensure only the highest quality and purity to the bottling of the product – everything is overseen and quality is ensured. NO other essential oil company owns their own farms or partners with farms that are willing to live up to Young Living’s high standards. Owning farms all over the world gives Young Living the ability to truly know what the product is that they’re selling – and this is what has made us oil lovers.

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