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Carol started using Young Living essential oils in October 2013 after using ones from the health food stores without much success. She had no idea that essential oils could do so many things until she started using Young Living oils! She was a bit of a skeptic when she started, but once she started seeing the results, she became a huge believer in these little bottles of plant oils! Carol is married to Scott and is a mom to Clayton & Avalon. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a HypnoBirthing instructor and a HypnoFertility practitioner and is happily surprised that oils would become her job and her passion.

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A hippie-at-heart, Stacie started using an immunity boosting essential oil years ago – it was not Young Living’s brand. She applied it to her feet every night and over all those years it worked well. She decided to send a message to her friend Carol in October 2013 to inquire about purchasing a bottle of Thieves oil and a diffuser because she wanted to try the real deal. Carol explained the value of the kit, and she figured it made sense to go for it for the free diffuser, thinking she’d probably use only one or two of the oils in there. When the Lavender helped her toddler, Brooklyn, rebound from a nap strike, she told every mama she knew. Stacie now uses oils for everything imaginable. It took her husband Todd 6 months to stop being the world’s biggest oil skeptic, and now he’s oil crazy too. Brooklyn knows to ask for oils by name, and is a Lemon Myrtle enthusiast.

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Marlo was introduced to Young Living oils in November 2013. She decided to take a closer look when Thieves and Purification helped to support the immune systems of her and her family. She bought her kit in December and never looked back. She now offers essential oils to everyone she knows, and is pretty much a walking encyclopedia of oil knowledge. She has a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Management, and is obsessed with design of all kinds. When she’s not advising her friends on oil usage, you can find her re-designing somebody’s kitchen or bathroom. She lives with her supportive accountant husband Ryan, brilliant graphic designer brother-in-law Max, and their 4 bunnies by the sea.

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