Veronica Pacheco



Murrieta, CA

About Me

It’s so hard to describe oneself, isn’t it?! The short list: your typical wife and mommy, follower of Christ, lover of laughter and defender of family, bookworm with foodie tendencies, eternal optimist, former student athlete (Go Aztecs!) with an affinity for Par 3’s, and a crazy oil lady who has found an abundance of happiness and health with Young Living Essential Oils! Our lives have been forever changed for the better because of these oils and I hope that I can help you experience the same amazing path to a healthier and happier you!

My Favorite Oil

Thieves! I spent almost two months in a coma and my son was born prematurely as a result of contracting a deadly viral disease. So you can imagine where a healthy immune system ranks on our list of priorities! Because of our son’s premature lungs and compromised ability to fight off illness, we found ourselves dealing with the ‘sickies’ a lot. Then we found oils! I only wish I would have known about them sooner to avoid so much stress and heartache for my little guy but we haven’t looked back since and I have such a healthier and happier little dude.

First Oil Success

DiGize! The other part of the puzzle piece was my son’s many digestive issues, especially with regard to his terrible appetite that resulted from being so uncomfortable all the time. Can you imagine wanting to eat if you had a tummy ache 24/7? I can’t tell you how hard it was as a mother to feel like I couldn’t nurture my son and do what comes naturally for most children, EAT! I was desperate and willing to try anything that might help support his digestive system. Enter DiGize! Within 24 hours I had a different child on my hands. And while we still struggle with your typical picky toddler antics (especially with a easily distracted boy who has a very active imagination, lol), I have a much happier and more comfortable kiddo.

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