Elizabeth Haynes



Lagun Hills, CA

About Me

Hi all and thank you for visiting my page. For those of you that are meeting me for the first time, Hello! My name is Elizabeth Haynes and I am lucky enough to be a distributor of Young Living Oils. My best friend had purchased a kit for me for a house warming / Birthday present. My life and my families lives have never been the same since!

A little about me…I married my husband Derek in October of 2006. A year later we found out we were pregnant with our first child. We have since had two more to bring our family of 5 with the final score being 1 boy and 2 girls. I love being a wife and a mother! I am so thankful for being in the position I am in. I get to be involved with our children’s schools, activities and a huge part of their daily lives. For the days it all gets to overwhelming (which it does) I have learned to reach right for my oils. I actually find it has become an amazing new habit to go right to the oil drawer for any of our ailments or needs.
I enjoy working out and staying strong. I do want to be brutally honest though, some days I work out and eat salads with my dressing on the side and other days it is all about sweats and comfort food. HA! Speaking of food, we are fortunate enough to live within 4 miles of my parents and enjoy family dinner there almost every Sunday night. My brother and his new wife of 2 years are also very close by so the kids get to enjoy their Aunt and Uncle as well. Other then that it is just the day to day life errands, reading, laundry, oil research you know the basics = )
Thanks for stoping by and I look forward to joining you on the most rewarding oil journey you are about to embark on! I can’t wait to get to know more about you!

My Favorite Oil

Oh gosh to narrow it down to one oil is so hard. I would say stress away is my usual go to oil. I find it helps in those overwhelming moments. I have learned to carrier my roller with me at all times and I would say almost every night I find myself diffusing it’s wonderful smell and enjoying it’s therapeutic properties.

First Oil Success

Ah this one is easy. I had a kit given to me by my amazing best friend. It sat in the cupboard until we could meet up and she could teach me what to do. In the meantime she gave me an allergy trio roller. I used it on my son the next day and 8 months later we haven’t had to use a single claritin since. EVEN when he is having a severe allergic reaction to a cat. It was the most “uh is this for real” moment ..so far!

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