Regina Casner



Mound City, KS

About Me

Hi! I’m Regina (I also go by Regi) Casner. I’m wife to Mat and mom to four amazing kids, ages 13-19. I’m also a yoga teacher, a health coach, an assistant manager at Title Nine (in Leawood, Ks) and a huge geek about anatomy and the incredible way God designed our human bodies to work.

I began using essential oils 5-6 years ago. My first oils were lavender: recommended to help keep my breathing free and clear, and cedar wood and lemon: for DIY cleaning supplies. As I began studying Ayurveda, the sister-science to yoga, my experimentation with essential oils also grew. I now use oils daily and love how they can quickly create a positive shift in attitudes. I am currently working on not only having diffusers going in different parts of our home, but also playing with adding essential oils to different DIY beauty products. As mom, one of my goals is to help my kids have tools to combat the negative stress that is so prevalent with our teens and young adults—without being too “far out there.”
I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. 😃

My Favorite Oil

Currently I’ve been blending Palo Santo and Bergamot in the diffuser. It’s my go-to for my yoga classes and at home. I don’t think there is a simpler way to hit the reset button on the day and have more focused energy.

First Oil Success

A DIY Body Scrub! I’ll never forget how amazing it felt the first time I used an exfoliating scrub I’d created in minutes. I think that was one of the first moments I remember feeling the affects of nourishment—that didn’t involve food.

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