Stacie Malkus



Donnelly, ID

About Me

I’ve always been a lover of natural remedies and all things alternative when it comes to health. Unfortunately, I was never able to get consistent, effective results and often times needed to resort to other more mainstream remedies. Enter Young Living oils. I ordered my starter kit at the end of 2013 and it was literally one of the best choices I’ve ever made for my family! It took awhile, but my super skeptical hubby is onboard too, and our daughter Brooklyn is turning out to be as oil crazy as her mama.

Ownstream Podcast, Episode #28
Click to listen & learn more about me, essential oils, and how shocked I was to learn that network marketing is actually the best business model EVER (after cringing at it for years).

My Favorite Oil

Thieves, for sure. Thieves was the first oil I ever used and is still my favorite. It keeps me and my family healthy… even when everyone else around us is not!

First Oil Success

My daughter Brooklyn was not even 2 and had stopped napping for weeks. Unacceptable! I had just received my starter kit and my friend Carol suggested that I rub Lavender on her feet before her nap. I was new to the oils and still unsure about rubbing funny oils on her feet. Her suggestion seemed a little crazy, but I had nothing to lose and a whole lot of free mama time to gain. I tried the oil and proceeded to stare into the baby monitor in shock for almost FOUR HOURS (double the length of her normal naps) as she slept soundly.

And so began my oil obsession…

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